Become An Agent

Join Budget Prepay's network of more than 9.000 agents nationwide. This opportunity is one of the easiest, most profitable means available today of generating revenue for your business. Become our partner in one of the hottest industries in America today!

  • Earn Commissions - You can earn commissions by giving away FREE phones & FREE minutes! And it costs you nothing!
  • Great Opportunity - Budget Mobile is for low income, Lifeline eligible consumers who desire to stay connected with friends and family and enjoy the same social experience as others, but without assistance cannot afford mobile service.
  • Training Makes it Simple - Store employees are fully trained in our products and services, point-of-sale materials, customer service skills and company policy.
  • Easy Sign Up Process - Customers sign up for Lifeline or non-Lifeline prepaid service at the store. Representatives are trained to consult with customers to determine eligibility before the customer commits or purchases services.
  • Service and Support – Budget offers quick service right there on the spot. We provide multiple language phone support as well as Spanish language customer service representatives at every location.